AKC News // Dublin City Council increase apartment sizes

Dublin City councillors in early September unanimously approved new guidelines that would significantly increase the size of new apartments in the capital. The proposals are likely to become compulsory for developers within two months. They would see the average new apartment increase in size by 25 % with almost half of all apartment complexes being at least 80 m2 in size to accommodate a family unit.

Detailed guidelines as to the size of kitchens, bedrooms and public space outside have also been drawn up by the council. The average height of apartment ceilings will rise from 2.3 to 2.7 m. There will now be a four-week consultation period where submissions will be invited from interested parties including developers. The final decision is likely to come at the November meeting of the council.

The draft guidelines, Achieving Liveable, Sustainable New Apartment Homes for Dublin City, can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here, Dublin CC apartment sizes May 2007.

Date : 13-09-2007