AKC News // Eco houses see 60% cut in energy bills

eco house Residents of a new housing estate in north Cork have cut their energy bills by more than 60%.

Baile Glas, the 12-house estate at Lombardstown, is heated almost exclusively by sunlight and residents have been enjoying round-the-clock heat and constant hot water without using electricity.

Baile Glas is the first "eco estate" in the country built for social and affordable housing.

Eight of the houses are rented to tenants; the other four are being sold for just €180,000.

The southern facades of the houses are used to harness sunlight for heating and hot water. The houses also have more insulation than a conventional house, which makes them more energy-efficient.

Residents say the savings they enjoy in fuel bills make them never want to leave Baile Glas.

Blackwater Resource Development, which promoted the Baile Glas project, is drawing up plans for the next phase of the development.

Source: RTÉ News - http://www.rte.ie/news/2008/0109/ecohouse.html

Date : 09-01-2008