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10 January, 2005 - Minister Hanafin gives go ahead for 122 major school building projects countrywide

89 primary schools and 33 post-primary schools throughout the country, with major building projects, will prepare tenders and move to construction said the Minister for Education and Science Mary Hanafin T.D. The Minister was outlining the initial bundle of major projects that will progress under the €3.4bn multi annual funding secured for the years 2005-2009.

The projects that I am listing today, reaching every county in Ireland, will go to tender and construction on a rolling basis when the schools concerned and their design teams are in a position to advise the Department that the project has advanced to the point where tenders can be sought said the Minister.

"I am anxious to ensure that there is a continuous flow of projects moving to tender and construction over the next 12-15 months. While some of the projects will be ready to go on site earlier in the year than others, all of the projects should be capable of commencing construction in that timescale. The revised multi-annual funding announced in the budget means we can have a regular flow of projects and move away from the previous stop/start approach to planning the building programme" explained the Minister.

"Other projects will be progressed through the design process so that a consistent flow of projects to tender and construction can be sustained into the future and I will be making further announcements in that regard shortly" added the Minister.

The Minister said that there were also a number of high priority projects awaiting site resolution, with commercial sensitivity attaching to the negotiations, and that she was accordingly not listing them at this point. The Minister believes it is more pragmatic to position those projects within the programme as and when site acquisition issues are resolved.

Today's announcement is the first of a series of announcements the Minister plans to make in the coming period in relation to the Schools Building and Modernisation Programme that will include

  • Details of schools identified as suitable for construction under Public Private Partnerships
  • An expansion of the number of schools that will be invited to deliver their building projects on the basis of devolved funding
  • Details of schools with projects approved under the 2005 Summer Works Scheme
  • Schools whose projects will further progress through the design process
  • Schools that will be authorised to commence architectural planning

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    The Minister said that in 2005, €270 million will be allocated to primary schools and €223 million to post primary schools for building and modernisation works which represents an increase of 14% on last year and is six times the 1997 amount.

    A full list of 89 primary schools and 33 post primary schools is available from the Department of Education & Science - View File (Word Document)

    Date : 25-01-2005