AKC News // SCS and IAVI in merger talks

The Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCS) and the IAVI are talking of merging. Their executive councils have agreed to circulate their 5,000-odd members later this week to get their thoughts about the plan.

For a start, a working party from both organisations is to be set up to examine the implications and to consider whether a pooling of resources and personnel would provide stronger representation for the industry.

Both organisations have been losing subscriptions over the past year because of widespread layoffs in the business and the closure of entire companies.

Both bodies run educational programmes for future professionals but one imagines that young people are likely to steer clear of the property business for the foreseeable future.

A merger would see a cutback in the staffs of both organisations and the emergence of a single boss.

The SCS is headed by youthful businesswoman Ciara Murphy , who is keen to drag the organisation into the 21st century. Over at Merrion Square, Alan Cooke reigns over the IAVI where he is seen as a strong administrator. A deadline of June has been set for a decision on whether a merger should proceed. It will then be up to the members to say yea or nay.

Source: Irish Times 23 April 2009

Date : 23-04-2009