AKC News // Confusion over Irish e-tenders site

Confusion is mounting over an Irish government procurement website and a privately registered site with a similar name. Users of the government's e-tenders website have been confused by an almost identically named site operated by a Limerick-based company. ENN has spoken with a user of the government's site, www.etenders.gov.ie, who mistakenly navigated to www.etenders.ie on 31 January.

Etenders.gov.ie was developed by the Department of Finance to help public bodies and private suppliers find and publish tender notices on government and public sector procurement projects. The user said he entered his login and password for the Department of Finance-run site on etenders.ie but nothing happened when he did. Etenders.ie's registered administrator, Des Crosbie, said he was bemused by the confusion and declined to state the purpose of the site. The Department of Finance told ENN it would be in contact with Crosbie.

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Source: ENN-Electricnews.net / www.enn.ie

Date : 02-02-2007