AKC News // AAI Award Winners Exude Style but no Medal Given

By Frank McDonald, Environment Editor
Thursday, April 19, 2007
Source: The Irish Times

What is it about some juries that they can be so mean? The Architectural Association of Ireland (AAI) has now been dispensing annual awards for architectural excellence for more than 20 years, but this time the jury couldn't pick a project that deserved the Downes Medal.

Of the 96 entries for the 2007 AAI Awards, the one that came closest to winning the medal was the North Campus at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), by de Blacam and Meagher and Boyd Barrett Murphy O'Connor. But the jury decided not to award it the medal.

De Blacam and Meagher is not short of accolades, but it seems almost churlish to deny them and their collaborators on this occasion, especially as the comments made by jury members - all reproduced in the Gandon Editions book - were so positive.

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Date : 20-04-2007